Allowed Food and Not Allowed Food

Food Beneficial for Diabetics

  • Onion: It contains an active ingredient that increases the burning of sugar in cells. It also has an ingredient which competes with the enzyme that breaks down insulin. This allows the ingredient to act instead of the enzyme and leaves the insulin free to burn the sugar decreasing its levels in the blood.

  • Garlic: It immensely decreases blood sugar levels.

  • Lupine: It activates the pancreas to produce insulin.

  • Cabbage and Cauliflower: These contain an active ingredient that binds with insulin inhibitors leaving it free in blood.

Food Allowed in any Quantity

  1. Drinks: Water – Mint – Anise – Caraway – Cardamom – Hibiscus – Lemon (All without sugar and diet sweeteners can be used instead) – Mineral Water – Tonic – Tomato Juice – Pure Soup.

  2. Salad: Lettuce – Cucumber – Tomato – Watercress – Radish – Purslane – Kale – Onion – Garlic – Lemon.

  3. Spices: Cumin – Peppers – Cinnamon – Cloves – Oregano – Garlic – Mustard – Bay Leaf.


  4. Vegetables: Zucchini – Cabbage – Cauliflower – Cheeseweed Mallow – Spinach – Eggplant – Green Peppers – Artichoke – Okra – Jew's Mallow – Green Beans – Celery – Leek.

Food Preferred to be Prevented

  1. Fatty Meats: Brain – Kofta – Goat Meat – Tarb – Kidneys – Skin.

  2. Fatty Poultry: Pigeon – Duck – Goose.

  3. Fatty Fish: Catfish – Eal.

  4. Preserved Meats: Sausage – Pastrami – Lunchon.

  5. Other Fatty Products: Cream – Butter – Cheese – Full Fat Milk – Cocoa.

  6. Highly Spicy and Salty Foods: Hot Sauce or Powder - Chili Red Peppers – Aged Cheese – Fesikh – Herring.

  7. Nuts: Pumpkin Seeds – Peanuts – Humous – All Other Nuts.

  8. Sugar and Sweetened Products: All Honey Types – Jams – Carbonated Drinks – Sugarcane – Fruit Juices – Grenadine.

Tips for Eating Junk Food

Not all junk food is harmful and with some minor changes we can make it better and healthier as follows:

  1. It is recommended while ordering "Pizza" to choose the recipes that contain more vegetables and less meat and cheese and that it's chosen thin not pan to reduce the pizza's overall calories.

  2. In case of eating at "Burger" shops, it is recommended to choose brown bread and order a small sized burger. It's also better to have it grilled instead of fried and avoid French fries and carbonated drinks. These can be replaced with some fruits of unsweetened fruit juices.

  3. It's preferred to choose salads that contain fresh vegetables and avoid fatty additives such as mayonnaise, toasted bread, beans, cheese and oil.

  4. It is preferred to choose the desserts that contain fresh fruits such as fruit salad or choose desserts that are small in size to reduce the calorie intake and avoid more than two servings per week.

  5. It is preferred to avoid all food preservatives such as (Artificial colors, taste improvers and others)



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