Why Sweet & Slim?

Same Great Taste and Look

Sweet & Slim is made of Xylitol found in the fiber of many fruits and is naturally produced by our body during metabolism in addition to Sucralose, a non caloric sweetener which is not affected by heat and therefore offers the same taste as refined sugar. It is also presented in pure white crystals that look exactly like sugar.

Aspartame Free

Sweet & Slim is an Aspartame free sweetener which makes it a safe choice for dieters, diabetics and health conscious people who desire the same natural taste of refined sugar without the side effects of Aspartame.

No Aftertaste

Unlike most of the other diet sweeteners, Sweet & Slim has no bitter aftertaste either when stirred in drinks or when sprinkled or used in food, desert recipes or bakery.

Safe and Stable

Sweet & Slim is not only tasty, it is also safe as it contains no toxic levels and is made of ingredients that are FDA approved. Furthermore, it doesn't have stability problems like Aspartame which breaks down when cooked or baked which makes it suitable for all cooked foods.

Suitable for Diabetics and Dieters

Sweet & Slim is an excellent sugar replacement for diabetics as it metabolizes without using insulin and accordingly doesn't increase blood sugar levels. It is also great for dieters as it only has 2 calories per sachet which is equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar.

Beneficial for Dental Health

Unlike refined sugar and other natural or synthetic sweeteners which cause tooth decay, Sweet & Slim is actively beneficial for teeth health. It reduces the risk of tooth decay and plaque as most decay causing bacteria are unable to make use of Xylitol the main ingredient in Sweet & Slim.


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